New Research Proves Water Lentils are a Natural Source of Plant-Based Vitamin B12!

Water Lentils: Health Benefits

Learn about water lentils through the eyes of a Registered Dietitian
Plant proteins are very appealing to many plant-based diets out there, but they often fall short when it comes to amino acid profile. You end up having to mix multiple plant proteins together to achieve a complete amino acid profile and they often contain allergens such as lectins. One plant, however, contains all of the amino acids AND is allergen-free! They may also be one of the most sustainable food options out there. Learn about the health benefits of water lentils, how they compare to green, red, and brown lentils, recipes, and more in this post.

What are Water Lentils?

Water lentils truly aren’t a lentil at all; they are small flowering aquatic plant also known as Lemnoideae.  This is a family of plants that includes both Lemna and Wolffiaor Duckweed. They are freshwater plants that grow best in warm temperatures. Water lentils are so much MORE than legumes for your health too. They are suitable for people on an autoimmune protocol because they are lectin free. Bonus: the nutrients in water lentils are likely MUCH better absorbed than in standard lentils. I will explain more below. Water lentils are also commonly known as lemna, duckweed, and man kai.

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