New Research Proves Water Lentils are a Natural Source of Plant-Based Vitamin B12!

Water Lentils Transforming Plant-Based Meats

Water lentil hydrolysate opens up the opportunity to make water lentil burgers, sausages, protein powders, and any other meat alternative.
Demand for plant-based meat substitutes is rising each year. Due to water lentils' sustainability, amino acid profile, and easy usage, they are poised to transform the meat alternative industry.

The protein hydrolysate contains 65-70% highly digestible hydrolyzed protein, as well as a complete amino acid profile, which means that it is perfect for the sports protein industry and the meat alternative industry. Water lentils are also allergen-free, unlike other plant proteins such as pea protein.

With the ability to harvest daily, water lentils are a sustainable choice for any manufacturer or consumer looking for plant-based options. Their process takes 30 minutes from farm to table and, because they can harvest daily, they can produce far more per acre of land than any other crop.

Parabel CEO Anthony Tiarks said: “The water lentil hydrolysate has a superb functionality especially compared to other minimally processed ingredients. In conjunction with its complete Amino Acid profile and high digestibility it will be an easy drop-in solution to everything plant-based – from burgers and sausages to sports nutrition and beverages.”

Last August, Parabel received a GRAS (generally recognised as safe) no objections letter from the US Food and Drug Administration, and went on to secure distribution deals with Stauber USA and CK Ingredients.

Parabel’s product line includes a protein hydrolysate, plant milk, superfood and flour. The producer of plant protein ingredients is finalizing its second farm in Vero Beach, Florida. bringing the capacity for water lentil plant protein to 3500 megatonnes per year. The new ingredient is scheduled for commercial production by the end of the year.

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