A small but mighty plant.

There is no denying that the plant-forward revolution is here to stay. Water lentils pack quite the punch, not only in nutrition but in their ability to impact the world.
From veggie burgers to dairy alternatives, supplements to smoothies, water lentils promote a healthy, balanced, sustainable lifestyle.

Elevate your plate.


Revolutionizing the Industry

Water lentils are incredible little plants that are revolutionizing the food industry.
Dietary Supplement Sector
Water lentils can be found in a variety of protein powders and superfood supplements.
Plant-Based Milk
Just like many other plants, water lentils can be produced as a high quality, nutritious dairy alternative.
Plant-Based Meat
Pump up the protein! Water lentils are a great addition to meat alternative applications.
Animal Feed
The nutrient density and supply of water lentils has made it a great solution for animal feed.

Join the Movement

Companies across the globe have successfully formulated new and exciting products using high quality water lentils.

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